Let’s say goodbye to emissions.

And say hello to a more resilient, sustainable Ottawa.

Why is Ottawa at risk?

Ottawa is becoming hotter, wetter and more prone to extreme weather. By 2050 the number of days over 30 degrees is projected to jump from 11 per year to 43. For our health, our economy and our community, we need to take action now.

More about how Ottawa’s climate is changing.

How can we fight climate change?

88% of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions come from:

  • How we heat our homes and buildings (46% of greenhouse gas emissions)
  • How we move around (42% of greenhouse gas emissions)

Which means we can fight climate change with better buildings, transportation and neighbourhood design.


Home energy savings

We spend over 80% of our time inside, so it’s no surprise that heating our homes and buildings is responsible for a huge chunk of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions. You can make a difference with changes that cost as little as $100. And if you’re renovating or changing your heating or cooling system, now is the time to look at the massive benefits of switching to a heat pump!


Electric vehicle transportation

Transportation is the second largest contributor to Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions. By re-thinking the way we get around, we can not only reduce emissions but also improve our health, and save money. Whether using public transportation, commuting by bike, or planning for a switch to an electric vehicle, each decision is an opportunity to reduce our climate impact.


15-minute neighbourhoods

Where we live has a huge impact on our ability to make choices that reduce emissions. We can drive less and use walking, cycling, and transit more by encouraging walkable “15-minute neighbourhoods”. Walkable neighbourhoods with higher-density housing mean fewer emissions, less pollution, more affordable housing and better social connections.

The City of Ottawa is currently surveying residents on their thoughts about 15-minute neighbourhoods and other potential zoning by-law changes.


Commercial energy savings

As a commercial property owner or manager, there are many opportunities to make your buildings greener while also making them more profitable and attractive to existing and future tenants. The first step is seeing how your building measures up and discovering what programs are available to you.

Find the Right Incentive

There are many rebates, incentives and financing programs available to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home. These include the City of Ottawa’s Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program and the Canada Greener Homes Grant and Loan programs. Find the right incentive for you.

Benefits of
climate action

When we reduce emissions and energy-use, everybody wins. Cleaner air, more efficient transportation and greener places to live, work and play are all possible in a climate-action focused future. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings from improved home energy efficiency and electric vehicles
  • More comfortable and future-proof homes
  • New local jobs created in manufacturing, construction and trades
  • Economic growth through innovation and attracting investment and talent
  • Better physical and mental health from reduced pollution
  • More affordable housing
  • Better quality of life for all Ottawa residents

Whose responsibility is it?

We all have a role to play in creating a more climate-friendly Ottawa. At an individual level, we can improve through the choices we make about how we get around or heat our homes. But it will also take larger concerted efforts to create the changes we need.

We need faster, deeper emission cuts from all levels of government to meet the urgency of climate change. We also need better funding for municipalities and the public to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and prepare to withstand the impacts of climate change.

It’s time to take action:

  • Vote for politicians who support climate policy
  • Get involved in engagement opportunities at the City of Ottawa
  • Write to your local politicians and let them know your concerns


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